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“Get rid of the idea of ​​conquering Sindh by the elected Prime Minister and his followers” PPP openly came to the fore


Aug 1, 2021

PPP central leader actor Syeda Nafisa Shah has said that the elected Prime Minister and his followers should get rid of the idea of ​​conquering Sindh. Those who have a mission and a vision do not and will not tolerate any contradiction in words and deeds.


Talking to the media, Dr. Nafisa Shah said that the wheel of the country’s economy has been jammed by the Niazi government, the working class is forced to commit suicide, rising prices of petrol products are skyrocketing the prices of daily necessities. The sea is swallowing up the working class and those who are enjoying power are dreaming of conquering Sindh by singing the tune of ‘Rich to rich and poor to rich on the blessings of the IMF, which will never be realized.



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